Vision & Mission

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The AIDS Crisis

Analysts believe that by 2050, the AIDS pandemic will be the most important factor to have shaped humanity in this century. In South Africa one of the most severely affected countries in the world parents are dying before their children are grown up. This means that South Africa is, and increasingly will be, a country populated by a large number of orphans.

Noah’s Vision

Noah’s vision is to empower communities to care for their vulnerable children.

Noah’s Mission

Noah’s mission is to empower communities with the knowledge, skills, strategies and self confidence to form and successfully run their own community based organisations supporting the well-being of vulnerable children.

Noah’s Aim

Noah’s vision and mission translates to a clearly defined aim. That is:

To help the staggering number of children orphaned by AIDS to mature into emotionally and psychologically stable adults.

To help them become capable of forming lasting and loving relationships.

To help them become nurturing parents to their own children and responsible and participative citizens of South Africa.